Things I experienced on my train ride from Glasgow to London. Some of which were funny. And some of which happened after I got off the train.

I just took Virgin Trains from Glasgow to London. It was only five hours, but a lot happened.

1. Overheard two elderly-ish women discussing and dissing Bloodline, and then complaining that someone had recommended The Wire to them, but they couldn't follow what was happening.

2. Succeeded in not accosting them to convince them that The Wire is the Best TV Show Ever.

3. Tried and failed to connect to Virgin Trains' prominently advertised free Wi-Fi (to tell fellow The Wire fans about The Wire Incident, obvi).


4. Saw white things on the hills outside the window. Realized they were sheep.

5. Accidentally opened a not-properly-locked automatic bathroom door on an unsuspecting woman mid-usage, and then both suffered an embarrassing 30 seconds while frantically pressing buttons to get the automatic door to close.

6. Tried again, and failed again,  to connect to Virgin Trains' prominently advertised free Wi-Fi.

7. Read The Hound of the Baskervilles, which takes place on a moor.

8. Looked out the window and saw a moor IRL. It was as meta as it sounds.

9. Had my ticket checked by Conductor Ricci, who was donning an awesome Christmas sweater. That's a puppy sticking out of a fuzzy stocking, in case you can't tell.


10. Arrived in London's Euston Station and was immediately greeted by a choir singing Jingle Bells to raise money for homeless youths. Had a nice chat with a young woman who works for the org; she had just found a place for a victim of domestic abuse, after three days of making calls and being turned down. Donated my few remaining Scottish pounds, of course. 



11. Arrived at my airbnb in Camden Town and found a chocolate on my pillow. It's like the guys who live here have known me forever.



12. Went out for dinner. Said no to this…



13. But very much said yes to this: gooey vegetarian risotto balls with eggplant-tomato sauce, at Arancini Brothers. 



Can't wait until tomorrow!